Simplify Commerce Payment Plugin

Integration of nopCommerce with Simplify Commerce's payment gateway

Must be Enter your valied Domain URL, the purchase License is only valied for the entered Domain

for example. or


Simplify Commerce Payment Plugin

for nopCommerce

This payment plugin was developed for clients to simplify commerce their secure Pay Now Gateway. All transactions are base on simplifying commerce card processing, protecting the client from fraud, and reducing chargebacks.

Instructions: After the order placed

Download plugin archive from My account > Downloadable products then click on "Download" Link

Upload plugin archive From Admin > Configuration > Plugins Click on "Upload plugin or theme" chose your downloaded archive file.

Now you can see the plugin in the list.

by clicking on "Install" you will install it.

On the left menu list you can see the Shivaay Soft under this menu you can see the "Simplify commerce" on this you can configure the payment method


1. Payment from Card.

2. Full order refund.


1. Supported versions 4.50,4.60

2. Plugin Customization According to Customer's Request

3. Only support redirect payment.

4. Upload, Install, Ready to use!

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