WebP Images Plugin

The WebP plugin for nopCommerce converts images into the WebP format, enhancing website speed and performance. By utilizing WebP's superior compression, it reduces image file sizes, leading to faster loading times and improved user experience. This integration seamlessly optimizes product images and site graphics, potentially boosting SEO rankings through enhanced page speed.

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The WebP Images Plugin for nopCommerce revolutionizes website performance by seamlessly integrating the advanced WebP image format into your online store. Developed to enhance the speed, efficiency, and user experience of nopCommerce-based websites, this plugin offers a cutting-edge solution for image optimization.

Key Features::

1)WebP Image Conversion:Automatically converts images uploaded to your nopCommerce store into the WebP format, maximizing compression and minimizing file sizes without sacrificing quality.

2)Improved Page Loading Speed: WebP images load faster than traditional formats like JPEG and PNG, leading to quicker page load times and a smoother browsing experience for your customers.

3)Bandwidth Optimization:By reducing image file sizes, the WebP Images Plugin helps minimize bandwidth usage, resulting in lower hosting costs and improved site performance, especially on mobile devices and slower internet connections.

4)SEO Benefits: Faster loading times contribute to better search engine rankings, enhancing the visibility and discoverability of your nopCommerce store on search engine results pages.

5)Seamless Integration: Easy installation and configuration make it effortless to implement the WebP Images Plugin into your nopCommerce store, with no coding expertise required.


  • Supported versions 4.60
  • RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
  • Multi-Store/Multi-Vendor Supported
  • Fully localizable and can be used in any language
  • Tested with all major browsers
  • 1 year of free support and upgrades since purchase date

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